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  Sara Cousins Professor

Landscape-scale predictions on biodiversity responses to the increasing stress from climate and land use change.

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  Regina Lindborg Associate Professor

Biodiversity at large temporal and spatial scales, and responses to changes in climate and land use.

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  Maricela de la Torre-Castro Associate Professor

Coastal zone management and governance mainly in tropical countries, sustainable development in coastal communities, seagrass ecology, seascape management, institutional dynamics addressing human well-being, poverty and gender.

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  Helle Skånes Senior Lecturer

The identification and monitoring of intrinsic ecological values related to land-cover history using GIS and remote sensing.

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  Jan Plue Lecturer

The effects of climate change and historical habitat fragmentation on persistent seed banks in semi-natural grasslands and deciduous forest plant communities.

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  Alistair Auffret Postdoc

Seed dispersal and biodiversity in rural landscapes.

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  Elsa Aggemyr PhD Student

How local and landscape features together with land use changes in a temporal context influence plant species richness and diversity in fragmented landscapes.

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  Matti Ermold PhD Student

The effects of climate and land-use change on the ecosystem services of wetlands.

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  Simon Jakobsson PhD Student

Tree density regulations and their effects on land management and plant and bird diversity.

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  Elikana Kalumanga PhD Student

How large mammals utilise land outside protected areas, and if human settlement and land use effects animal movement.

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  Jessica Lindgren PhD Student

Small remnant grassland habitats and their value to biodiversity and ecosystem services in human-modified landscapes.

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  Emelie Waldén PhD Student

Effects of local and regional processes on biodiversity in restored semi-natural grasslands.

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Past members      
  Cibele Queiroz

Regina's former PhD student, Cibele is now a postdoc at the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

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  Romina Rader

A postdoc in the group looking at plant-animal interactions, Romina is now a lecturer at the University of New England in Australia.

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  Reto Schmucki

A postdoc in the group, Reto is now at the natural history museum in Paris.

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  Josefin Reimark

After completing her Licentiate in 2011, Josefin is now back teaching science to sixth-formers.