At Stockholm University, there are two systems to use if you want to have a video meeting or conduct a webinar.

The simpler program is the well-known Skype (which is not presented here) and the other system is Zoom (which has replaced Adobe Connect). An alternative for video conferencing is the free Unhangout service, which is best suited for online group discussions.

Zoom is a user-friendly e-meeting program with more features. It can be used for lectures with a large audience, for webinars or group work with many participants, as well as for one-on-one meetings and supervision. For example, you can:

  • communicate with other participants via chat, voice and video
  • show documents, presentations or videos to other participants
  • show something on your screen to other participants
  • record meeting
  • divide participants into smaller rooms, so-called Breakout Rooms, for e.g. teamwork

Teachers / staff at Stockholm University create meeting rooms and invite participants via a link. Students and the general public can participate in meetings they are invited to. Students at Stockholm University can also start their own meetings for e.g. group work with other students. Teachers / staff / students can have all kinds of meetings indefinitely.

In Zoom, you can be invited to a meeting without having to have or register for an account - then you enter via a link in the login called "join from your browser". In this way, you can participate in all meetings.

To use Zoom, you only need a computer with a built-in / standalone webcam and microphone. If you share a room with someone else who is in the Zoom meeting, it will be a round trip - then you need a headset (with a USB connection). Headsets are also good if you are sitting in a room with background noise.

Stockholm University provides support at Zoom. You can read more about Zoom on the SU website.
Link to Zoom's website.



Unhangout is an open source and free video conferencing program developed by MIT Media Lab (USA). In addition to creating participant rooms, you can also divide the meeting into smaller groups for discussion groups. Unhangout provides tools for collaborative document management, chat, and notes.
Here is a link to the website for Unhangout.
Here you will find a presentation film about Unhangout.


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