QR is an abbreviation for Quick Response. A QR code is an image that contains embedded information that can be read by an app, QR code reader, in your mobile phone or tablet.
QR codes are digital codes that can be used pedagogically in many different ways. As long as you can publish digital content of some kind, you can basically link anything to a QR code. With the help of a QR reader (app) installed in his smartphone / tablet, the person points his smartphone at the QR code and just like that, you are taken on to the content of the QR code. Maybe to a picture, map, manual, video or something else.

For those who use an iPhone or iPad, a QR reader is already built into the camera. Just open the camera and point the phone at the QR code and it will read the code directly and take you to the linked content.
When it comes to Android mobiles, the same function is also often built into the camera but does not apply to all manufacturers with Android systems.
If you want to install a QR reader on your smartphone or tablet, here are some tips:


QR reader. In addition to QR codes and EAN codes, this reader can also scan to PDF documents, read URLs, business cards and more. Free and ad-free! Available only for iOS and can be downloaded in the App Store.
i-nigma. QR reader for iOS and which can also read and save addresses and activate e-mail function. Free but has advertising.

Google Play Store. If you use Android systems and want to install a QR reader, there are a large number of QR apps to download for free or purchase in the Google Play Store. For example. Google QR Code Reader which is free but has advertising.
Link to Google Play Store - QR Reader.


Create your own QR codes

Creating a QR code and linking it to a URL is very easy. Start by creating the information you want to link the QR code to. Upload your information to a server and save the address. If it is an existing web page or other information that has already been published online, use that web address. For example. a website.
Go to the website SkapaQRkod.se Select the URL box and then enter the exact web address to which you want to link your QR code. Then click Skapa QR-kod. Now an image, QR code, is created, and you save that image and place it where you want people to be able to use it.

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