The heading Media server is a bit misleading because it is not an application or software but a storage space and service to be able to save movies etc. media material on. The service is then linked to the media server to be able to create a player with a playlist etc. adapted to your course. At SU we may use the Kaltura media server. Many use YouTube or other self-procured services in the department instead.


Videotjänsten, Kaltura, is the video streaming server available for Stockholm University.
There are possibillities for subitling within the service. You may login at
The films are handeled individually by the user i.e It is not possible for anyone but the owner to maintain and edit the film.
With Screen 9, you can create your own video channel on the Internet. Screen 9 is a company in Stockholm that sells the service of storing media files which then e.g. can be published on any digital surface. In addition to storing and distributing media files, you can also create specific playlists and broadcast live. The service is procured at SU and is used e.g. of SU's communications department. Here is a link to SU's video channel SU Play where you can watch films produced by Medieproduktion.
Athena. is the  Stockholm University LMS. Athena is no solution for media servers, but the opportunity to publish film and audio files in their courses is available. However, the amount of data on the file is limited to 300 mb. To publish larger film / audio files in your course material, you can link to or embed files such as published on YouTube.
Soundcloud is a simple and well-known (social) platform to publish audio files for "podcasts" on. You can also subscribe to the RSS feed. Available as both free and paid version to use on the computer or as an app.
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