The Media Production category is so large and extensive that we have divided it into five subgenres:
Picture, Sound, Video, Screen recording and Speech to text.

Some of the programs in this category are very large and require deep media knowledge of the user. This applies from Adobe software: Photoshop, Premiere and Audition which are procured at SU and used professionally in some places. These software can thus be procured but then required by your department or IT department. grants your wish.



Photoshop is professionally the industry-leading image processing program. Adobe also has a slim but still comprehensive version called Photoshops Elements. Both programs are available for both Mac and PC. The main function in the programs is image editing and export to different movie formats, but here you can also create slide shows.
Here you will find the website for Photoshop Elements and can read more about the program.
Photopea is a free open source program that is an option for those who do not have access to Adobe Photoshop. Here is support for working with file formats such as PSD, Raw, XFC, Sketch, SD and CDR. Of course, you can also save your images in the formats Jpg, Png, Gif and more.
Register your account on Photopea's website and then work online by logging in to your account. For full access to the tool's capabilities, you can pay and upgrade to a Pro account. Link to Photophea
GIMP. Gimp is another free (open source) alternative to Photoshop and fully useful for those who do not have to deal with advanced image editing. The image editing program is available for all operating systems.
Link to Gimp's website where there are also a lot of support / tutorials to take part of.



In the world of sound, there are several software programs that you can easily get started with to produce sound material. For example. to a podcast or to edit and mix a story / interview.
Below we highlight the audio editing program Audacity.

Audacity - a free multi-channel audio editing software that has been available for several years and is updated as new operating systems are released. Audacity is available for PC, Mac and Linux.
This program is useful for most people who want to produce and process audio material. Here you have the option of multi-channel editing as well as some effects to filter and process the sound with. On Audacity's website there is both software and manual to download for free.
NOTE! If you want to be able to export your audio file from Audacity to an MP3 file, you must install their MP3 decoder separately after installing Audacity on your computer. On their website there is info on how this is done.

Link to Audacity

If you want to go even further with your audio productions, you can read more about some options by clicking on the links below. All are available for both Mac and PC systems.

Adobe Audition


Pro Tools which is also available in a slim and free version Pro Tools First


Fast feedback

Talk & Comment. Sometimes you just want to respond quickly and clearly without having to write emails or record video comments. Then Talk & Comment is perfect. Install the client (widget) in your browser, Chrome, and you can quickly send voicemails or other voicemails to your students.
Also available as a mobile app and is free.
More info is available on their website.



Just like in the audio industry, there are several video editing programs to choose from. The disadvantage is that they are often expensive and often require a high level of knowledge to handle. Below we propose three different software for film production in computer.

iMovie. Mac users have long been favored with Apple's movie editing software iMovie because it's included in their operating system for free. Both in OS X and iOS. The interface is intuitive and for those who do not need the flagships Premiere Pro or Final Cut, iMovie is fully sufficient for film production.

The Apple website provides more info on getting started with iMovie.

Movavi Video Suite is an option for movie creators in Windows environment. Here you can edit movie recordings, images and create screen recordings. Movavi Video Suite supports a number of common movie, picture and audio formats and is standard for a semi-professional program. A cheap alternative to the professional program Premiere Pro.

More info is available on the company's website.

Premiere Pro is a full-fledged video editing program used in both the TV and film industries. The program is procured at SU and is used in various places for film production here. Premire Pro is also available in a slimmer and cheaper version called Premiere Elements. Both Premiere Pro and Premiere Elements are available for both Mac and Windows environments.

More info about Premiere can be found on Adobe's website.

Plotagon is an animation tool where you can create 3D animated movies. Here are ready-made templates to work in and you can also create your own characters to shape the film with. Watch the instructional video below to see the possibilities in the program.

Available to try for free for a short time and then a paid license with a discount for educational organizations. Instructional film , Website Plotagon

Stop Motion Studio is available for the iPhone / iPad, Android, Windows and MacOS platforms. There is a free version to use and you can find it at In the free version you can create and export to finished movie file. If you buy the full version, there are many more effects and functions such as speech bubbles, texts and sound effects.

Links: Stop Motion website, Movie tips, Support and manuals for iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS.



A very useful tool for both teachers and students is programs that allow you to record your computer screen and your speech / narrative of what is happening / displayed. Everything you show on the screen and your speech is included in the film. Very useful if you e.g. want to guide / instruct someone in something or want to go through lesson material etc. These programs are for those who want to make teaching materials in video form. Finished film is then published on a server and then you link to the film in your teaching material. For example. by embedding the link here in Athena.

There are many different types of screen splitting programs and here we list four pieces of software with three different scopes.

Camtasia is a program that records your computer screen as a movie (the function to include your live image / voice is also available). Camtasia can be used for various educational purposes, see description above. Camtasia is an advanced program that allows many different functions such as advanced editing and sound processing.

Camtasia is available for both PC and Mac, but if you want a pure alternative for Mac only, we recommend the program ScreenFlow.
Link to Camtasia's website.
Link to ScreenFlow's website.

Screencastomatic. This screen saver tool works for both PC and Mac. Screencastomatic (SOM) is aimed at those who want to make screen implements and be able to edit them quickly and export to MP4 or AVI format. There is also the possibility of automatic subtitling in Swedish - but correct the text before you export the film! There are about 10 different editing tools here, which means that SOM ends up between the advanced Camtasia and ScreenFlow and the absolute simplest screen recording programs such as. Snagit and QuickTime. SOM is already used in some places within SU. Here you will find a Swedish manual for SOM: Guide till Screencastomatic.pdf
Snagit is a program that records your computer screen as a movie (the function to include your live image / voice is also available). Snagit can be used for various educational purposes, see description above. Snagit is a simpler program that is easy to use and understand. It has basic functions that do not allow advanced cutting etc.


Speech to text 

Subtitles of videos

Textamig All video films that are produced and used in educational contexts must be subtitled. Here is a free service that can automatically subtitle your Swedish-speaking videos. Just as mentioned about AS above, you should correct the text before exporting the movie. Click on the link and follow the instructions for automatic subtitling:



SnackVids is a web-based tool that converts your speech into transcribed text on YouTube. You can also search for keywords in the text and jump to the exact word / concept you are looking for.

The whole thing is very simple. Go to SnackVids and copy your video link from YouTube and SnackVids will convert your speech into text.

Carefully read your transcribed text as automatic speech-to-text does not always interpret the speaker / narrator properly. Edit the text as needed.

Link to SnackVids:



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