Surveys can take place in several different ways. Maybe you want to create surveys that the recipient should answer or ask students to vote according to a multiple-choice question, etc. Here in the learning platform Athena there are several different ways to do research, but there are also online services to use.

Mentimeter is a web service that allows you to interact and perform surveys in real time with your audience.
Create your survey and hand out a link to the answer page. The response results come up quickly. Mentimeters are often used to vote for a result over a content. For example. evaluate lectures or vote on questions related to presentations and lectures. Available as a free license, but if you want to build your own templates and get more out of Mentimeter, you need to pay for your own license.
On Mentimere's website there are several guides to take part in.

Socrative is an online tool used to activate students' learning linked to tasks, surveys and feedback through their mobiles / computers. The sender / Teacher creates an account where several different rooms can be used for different subjects / groups. Perfect tool to use for flipped teaching. Available as both free and paid version.

Here you will find an introductory film to Socrative 2018.

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