Flipped classroom is a method to use in teaching, but to apply flipped classroom, we want to give tips on useful software and web services to create material for your flipped classroom.

Vialogues is a video service with a comment function that allows you and your students / colleagues to comment on a film that you link to on the web. Upload the movie to YouTube or another server and link to it in Vialogues. Then send the link to your recipients. It all goes easily and is perfect for teachers such as. wants to let their students present their study assignments in video form and / or be able to create interactivity and discussion about a film that you link to. Participants can then answer questions or comment on the content of the film. A perfect service for the teacher who e.g. want to work with flipped classroom.

The video service is free and more information is available from the manufacturer
EdLabs Teacher College, Columbia University, USA.
An introductory film to Vialogues can be found here.

Scaleable Learning is a web service where you can create interactive videos of videos you have made. Interactive films mean that you can add tasks / questions to the film at selected times. When the movie is played and it's time for your question, the movie is stopped and the viewer has to answer the question and then watch the movie and so on.
The service is procured at SU and is used by several teachers in teaching. As a teacher, you can log in to the website and get more information on how to get started with the video service. Click here to login. CeUL also offers courses in Scaleable Learning, so keep an eye on their education page, which you can find here.
Captivate is a standalone program by Adobe that is developed to produce various forms of e-learning materials. The program is very comprehensive and requires deep knowledge to handle. Just like in Scaleable Learning, you can produce interactive movies in Captivate. However, the movies are not published as MP4 files but in Html format.
Captivate is procured at SU and can be ordered from the IT department. if you have been approved by your institution.
More information about Captivate can be found on the Adobe website.

Hypothes. is is a useful web service (open source) for those who want to work with text-based flipped classroom. For example. discuss different things via annotations online in large and small groups.
The tool is added to the browser and can be activated in a few simple steps.

To be able to work with texts together, you first need to install the tool in the browser. It works best with Chrome, but Firefox and Safari also work well.

You add your comments with color strokes, notes, notes or answers to other people's notes. These are linked directly to the text and appear in a small menu on the right that you can choose to display or not.

Here is an instructional video on Hypothes.is.
Here is a link to Hypothes.is website.

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