Writing or otherwise working together with the study work via cloud services is both educational and effective. If you want to work together in joint documents, there are several services to choose from, but here we want to highlight some that we have found useful for different purposes for working together.


Padlet is a common web service that allows you to create an interactive bulletin board. Anyone who has your link to a message board in Padlet can write posts on post-it notes. Here you can also link to other pages, upload documents, pictures and videos. Fast, agile and perfect for collaborative writing or commenting on tasks or creating presentations to link to others. The paddle is available for several different languages and also as an app for your mobile / tablet.

The paddle is available as both a free and paid version.

Here you will find a film about how to get started with Padlet.


Webjets. The interactive bulletin board Webjets is reminiscent of Padlet but has more features.

This video shows you how to use Webjets.
Link to Webjets 


Ideaflip. With the online service Ideaflip, you can create your digital whiteboard and invite others to participate. In addition to writing notices, you can also upload movies, photos and documents to your whiteboard. This service was previously called Groupzap and here is a video of how the service works. Movie tips on how to get started with Groupzap.

Here is a link to Ideaflip's website where you can create an account.

Microsoft Teams is a unified communications platform that integrates the entire Office 365 package, but the platform can also integrate other non-Microsoft systems / programs. In addition to the workspace, which has many possibilities, there is also the opportunity for chat, web meetings and file storage.
Feel free to watch the videos to find out what Microsoft Teams is and how you can tailor the service to your purpose.
Further information about Microsoft Teams can be found here.
Doodle is a flexible scheduling service that easily allows you to reach several people to invite them to a meeting or respond to an invitation, etc. Suggest times and invite participants to respond when they can meet.
The Doodle scheduling service is free and you can find more info about Doodle here.
If you want to see how Doodle works, you can watch this movie.
Box is a cloud service that allows you to store files and access them via your Box account wherever you are. Upload and store your files in your account. Then you can share the link to the file / material you uploaded in Box to others. You can also invite others to share / work with the material. However, it is not possible to have several people writing / working at the same time in the same document. Box is available to all employees at SU and some support is provided via IT department.
Here you can read more about Box at SU. (Swedish)
ProjectPlace is a digital project tool where the group / team can create their common workspace, organize content and structure for each other's own work in the group. ProjectPlace contains a large number of project tools (eg kanban boards) to tailor the project work with. Here is a list of all the tools and how you can work in this multi-tool for project work.
Available as both free and paid account.
The service is procured at SU but requires a special permit to use. Consult with IT department. or your institution.
Athena groups. Here in the learning platform Athena, there are several opportunities to collaborate and tailor groups. Athena's help section describes what the possibilities are and how to go about creating group work. NOTE! Not all SU's users of Athena have access to the Projects menu and can therefore not create such works in Athena. As a teacher, however, you can request access to this via the IT department at SU.
You can find the help section here (Swedish).
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